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Shenzhen On August 15, Zhang Jiasheng, deputy secretary and mayor of Yichang City, met with Shen Jun, the general manager of the company in Shenzhen, Li Huiquan, president of Shenzhen Overseas Economic and Cultural Promotion Association and president of Shenzhen Jia Bing Chen Precision Components Co., Ltd. and his entourage. Vice Mayor Zhou Zhengying attended the meeting.

Yichang Municipal Committee, Mayor Zhang Jia Sheng met in Shenzhen, Shen Jun, general manager of his company

Entrepreneurs praised Yichang-intensive resources, rapid development, superior location and convenient transportation, with multiple opportunities superimposed advantages, is the enterprise to expand the scale, the layout of the best choice. Shen Jun, Li Huiquan has introduced the basic situation of enterprises, the development status and future planning. Century joint innovation is a collection of research and development, production, sales and service in one of the high-tech enterprises, dedicated to professional display category related areas of product development, design and manufacturing. Acme Chen precision components company specializing in precision components of light alloy research and development, design, production and marketing, orders mainly from first-line brand enterprises in 2016 sales revenue 7.6 billion.


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