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Yichang, the first surface of the LED display officially offline "joint innovation"
January 18, 2017 At 11 am, the first "Yichang made" curved LED display produced by Hubei Century Joint Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. officially went offline to fill the gap in the production of "curved LED display" in our city. From June 30, 2016 signing, formally incorporated in July 2016, to the production line put into use, just took 6 months. Shenzhen Century Joint Innovation and Technology Co., Ltd. chairman solemn frankly admitted that the company originally planned to build a new monitor production base in Shenzhen, after the inspection, Yichang city government was "pro-business, business, love business, care providers," the caring service touched , Unanimously decided to invest 2 billion yuan to set up a joint innovation industrial park in Yichang High-tech Zone, with an annual output of 5,000,000 units of monitors and one machine products, with an annual sales of 3 billion yuan and a tax payment of 45 million yuan.

The first "Yichang made" curved LED display

Shen Jun, general manager visited the factory to understand the production plan

It is understood that Hubei Century Joint Innovation Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in computer monitors, computer 整机, LCD TV R & D and sales, currently has joint innovation headquarters in Shenzhen, Beihai, Hong Kong companies, Yichang company, the project can provide employment after completion Nearly 1,000 positions. The company has a high standard R & D center and a nearly 100-person R & D team in Shenzhen Midea Chuigu High-tech Industrial Park. The R & D innovation and process design strength are in the leading position in the industry and has obtained more than 50 national patents, The design team has won many world-class design awards such as "Red Dot Award", "IF Award" and "GOOD DESIGN" from Germany. The company and LG, Samsung, BOE, AUO and other upstream front panel makers and Lenovo, Haier, Tsinghua Tongfang, Asustek, Gigabyte and other downstream industry pioneer has maintained a long-term and stable relations of cooperation. At the same time, the company is cooperating with more than 20 enterprises including Jingdong, TPV, Great Wall, Ningmei, Minglongtang, Ang da, Shangke, etc. in the field of new display in depth cooperation and strive to provide the market with the latest innovative products.

factory produced

In the future, the company will continue to enhance the capability of commercial display solutions, provide personalized display products for different users, and ultimately resolve the solution providers' status as a complete subdivision industry, promote the practice of Inno-DOT and integrate Shangxian into more people Life and work, change people's way of life, improve people's quality of life. Tang Chao attended the leadership of the city and field research.


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