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Yichang, Hubei Century Joint Innovation Factory officially put into operation
Yichang, Hubei Century Joint Innovation Factory officially put into operation. Officially put into production on the first day unprecedented, let's go to look ~ ~

Chairman Shen Jun spoke

Before the official put into operation, there was a commissioning ceremony. Shen Jun, chairman of Century United Innovation and Technology Co., Ltd., made a brief speech. His short speech opened a brand new chapter of joint innovation in the 21st century.

A number of government leaders attended the event

As a key project of Yichang Hi-tech Zone, the official launch of Hubei Century Joint Innovation Factory also aroused the great attention of the government. Many government leaders including Vice Mayor Tang Chao attended the event ~

The first 32-inch 1800R surface display

Officially put into operation the same day, but also the successful production off the assembly line the first 32-inch 1800R surface display, signed from the project to formally put into operation, only took 6 months time, Century joint innovative company's strength is evident.

Factory inside

Look inside the factory ~ ~ first-class production equipment and production lines.

no-dust workspace

Professional dust-free production workspace.

production line

Hubei century joint innovation project planning and construction of eight gaming PC, one machine, commercial display production line and display module production base and testing laboratories. The project is divided into two phases. At present, the first phase invests 800 million yuan, rented 20,000 square meters of industrial standard workshop and built 3 complete machine production lines.

production line

In the future, the investment in Phase II projects will reach 1.2 billion yuan, covering 100 acres and building 80,000 square meters of factory buildings and adding 5 complete machine production lines. After the project is completed and put into production, it can realize the production of more than 5 million gaming PCs, one machine and 5 million monitors, with an annual sales volume of over 3 billion yuan and a tax payment of 45 million yuan to solve the employment of nearly 1,000 people. Century joint innovation As LG, Samsung, Lenovo, Haier and other manufacturers of long-term partners, excellent already a habit. Hubei Century Joint Innovation officially put into production, but also marks the century joint innovation has entered a new level, amazing body mass is already a leader in the industry, I believe the future, the century co-innovation will be triumphantly triumphantly, Titan Corps will also tight With the pace of the company, provide more professional-level gaming products for players.


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